Why Clees

Whilst it is possible to view all Letting Agencies as offering very similar services this can be very misleading.

When considering your choice of Agent great care must be taken……

Yes, most Agents offer Let Only, Managed or Guaranteed rent schemes, Most Agents have nice offices, will advertise and market your properties in the newspapers, on the internet and in their windows. In fact, on the terms of business, it is difficult to make a choice with any certainty.

However, Clee has been trading since 1972 and our longevity is not down to luck! Knowledge of the subject of lettings and management is essential to a property owner’s prosperity and, through Clee, knowledge is in abundance. Also we invest in staff training, weekly updates of lettings staff with current legislation, we are Ombudsman members and members of RICS. We were one of the first agents to join and achieve accreditation through the Landlords Accreditation Wales scheme and we fully commit to the raising of standards of Private Lettings in Wales.

So, contact us, come and meet our lettings staff, we look forward to you being happily involved with Clee and helping you achieve your investment property goals. Whether you have one house or a portfolio we have the service for your needs.